evolutionary significance of emotions !!

ashwin kelkar ashwin_k18 at my-deja.com
Thu Feb 17 00:14:59 EST 2000

> OK, let's try some serious examples:
> If you know you won't feel bad if your child dies, then you won't go
as far
> to protect your child as you otherwise would.  Then you might end up
with no
> one to pass on your genes.
 well your example is a serious one indeed but then this again can be
explained by instinct and logic rather than emotion. it is obvous that
i have to pass on my genes so i will 'not' let my child die, i will not
have time to feel emotions then because saving my child is instinct
which i believe is not connected with emotions as it is given a higher
 all the other examples i am afraid will not be sufficient to prove
emotional handiwork. all these can be explained by logic or instinct
too. i firmly believe emotions are not results of instinctive
behaviour. And these are basic things what about nervousness, pain,
hurt ? what about jealousy especially in circumstances where we cannot
do anything ?

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