evolutionary significance of emotions !!

julien colomb julien.colomb at unifr.ch
Thu Feb 17 08:06:39 EST 2000

ashwin kelkar wrote:
> your point is intresting but then there is one small drawback. what
> about logic ?? MHHA-A will realise that his female is happy with
> someone else so he will eventually lay off and he also being a thinking
> creature will think : " i go to all the trouble to kill for her and
> everytime she says she is happier elsewhere" conclusion: " find someone
> else !!!" it is as simple as that. logic will turn him somewhere else
> or maybe even instincts !! it is not nessecary for emotions like hurt
> and all those kinds to make him do this !!
> My question is a serious one, please do not make fun of it this way,
> Ashwin

Like you I didn't see any advantage of having feelings, but there is
other things in nature that have no advantage and give a better fitness. 

 It was a fun way to describe it but i think there is something good in
that teory. We know that some animal have some bad things (i mean energy
expensive for nothing) to mate with female. So somewhere in the
evolution there could be a sexual choice of ones who have emotion and
the fitness of these people rise. In that theory, feelings would be a
way to mate more efficiency.

But i think it's not true because the mating choice is certainly bound
to the resistance of the animal (to bacterie or viruses), like seems to
proove some experiment with fish, and human!

So I have another theory without experimental proof:
feelings are bad for fitness, but the way feelings exist is the same as
the way of logic and these 2 things can't be one without the other. The
gain with logic is so much greater than the loss with emotion.
I don't know if there is something right here, but i like such theories.

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