what is a thought ??

ashwin kelkar ashwin_k18 at my-deja.com
Sat Feb 19 22:01:01 EST 2000

how do we define a thought ??
i know how a stimulus might be defined, when it is recieved by the
appropriate part in the neocoretx it is interpreted and that electrical
activity pattern can be called a stimulus. but then how do we define a
thought as it just cannot be defined as a pattern of electircal activity
as i think no two thoughts may originate in the same way and in the same
place of the brain. I am basing this on the fact that no two thoughts in
the mind are exactly identical. there are many things which differ
about the same thought about the same thing. Then what is a thought ?
should they be called as a pattern of connectivity rather than a pattern
of activity ?

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