evolutionary significance of emotions !!

Sir Knowitall fell_joinedby_in at one.net.au
Mon Feb 21 20:45:00 EST 2000

Wow, a to me on first sight agreeably intelligent person with something
approaching my own way of making "sEPTic"-humoured (yet rational) sense of
the world!

Peter F

My "home"-page is at http://web.one.net.au/~fellin/main.htm

(With oh so humble, preemptive, apologies for it not having been edited or
improved for quite a while ;)

Etaoin Shrdlu <cooper17.spamless at xs4all.nl> wrote in message
news:88esao$cjh$2 at news1.xs4all.nl...
> "A.F. Simpson" wrote:
> >Eventually the festering
> > pile of dead rabbits by the cave causes an outbreak of disease and the
> > entire human sepcies is wiped out before it even gets going.
> > love
> > Anna
> Normally, I don't jump on simple typos... but I just feel that "sepcies"
> fantastically appropriate to the subject of the sentence which contains
> and wanted to point that out.
> --Katrina

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