ScienceWeek - New Website Reports 22 Feb 00

Claire Haller prismx at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 23 10:41:27 EST 2000


The following new free reports have been posted at the ScienceWeek
website (links on the main page):

New Website Reports:

Science Policy: On Women in Physics
Science Policy: Postdoctoral Training: Patterns and Problems
Astrophysics: On the Black Hole at the Center of the Milky Way
Chemical Physics: Direct Visualization of Electron Orbitals
Origin of Life: RNA World Membrane Interactions
Environmental Science: Emerging Marine Diseases
Medical Biology: Anthrax as a Biological Weapon

These reports, which consist of a main report, glossary and background
material, are from back issues of ScienceWeek. They can be
accessed without charge from the main web page in the panel to
the right of the SW table of contents: http://www.scienceweek.com
The reports will be available at the website for approximately one
week only. Eventually, the main reports will placed in the searchable

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not already receive this announcement regularly
by Email, and you wish to do so, transmit SEND UPDATES as the subject
of an Email message to request at scienceweek.com

A Reminder: The SW website now contains a local search engine
that can be used to search the archive of back issues of SW and
bring up located reports on the screen. Over 1000 reports are
availbable. Access to this search engine is free and available at
several places on the main web page or directly at

Also available at the website are free Focus Reports, which are
summary groups of reports on special topics.

The Editors
editors at scienceweek.com

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