Bilateral nerve connection in hands.

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Fri Feb 25 11:09:08 EST 2000

Hello Nick:

Thanks much for your reply re. my associates condition.

Could you please give us a brief rundown on the conditions
that could cause this.

Thanks again
Gil Groehn

Nick Medford wrote in message ...
>It's known as "mirror movements", for obvious reasons.
>It can be a rare feature of various neurological conditions, however if
>are no other symptoms and no distress is it necessary to take it further?
If in
>doubt a neurologist would be able to organise the appropriate tests to
>exclude any underlying problem.
>In article <o8kt4.4105$YG.275463 at bgtnsc04-news.ops.worldnet.att.net>,
>ULTRAMED, INC. <ultramedco at worldnet.att.net> writes
>>An associate (female 42 yrs) has a condition whereby
>>each hand follows the other almost exactly.  In other
>>words when she moves one hand the other hand tracks
>>it almost exactly.
>>She has had this condition since an infant and although
>>it does not appear to bother her she is curious if there is
>>a medical term (definition) for this condition and also if
>>there is any known non-invasive cure or therapy?
>>Thanks for any help.
>>Gil Groehn
>>Ultramed, Inc.
>Nick Medford

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