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Sat Feb 26 10:25:44 EST 2000

>> Ian McLeod <ian_mcleod at primus.com.au> wrote:
>> > What about Prozac / flouxetine (?) - apparantly this has facilitated neuro$
>> > in the hippocampus in rats..
>> I am presently confused - where did you find that data?
>> Dag Stenberg
Ian McLeod <ian_mcleod at primus.com.au> wrote:
> New Scientist.  I think it was the last quarter of last year although I can not recall
> the exact date.  Their web site is at www.newscientist.com

Thank you for reminding me. This data was reported in the 1999 Society
for Neuroscience meeting (abstract 283.16) by Barry Jacobs and Casimir
Fornal, and NewScientist write about in in the issue of 6 November,
1999. The study has not yet been published (according to a Medline
search today).
  Indeed, fluoxetine given to rats daily for a week increased
hippocampal neurogenesis, and Jacobs and Fornal build a theory of the
mechanism for antidepressive treatment on this finding. This finding was
discussed in this group some months ago, and I had again forgotten about

Dag Stenberg

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