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Nick Medford nick at hermit0.demon.co.uk
Tue Feb 29 11:02:04 EST 2000

In article <89fq56$89h$1 at pegasus.tiscalinet.it>, Anna
<kasova at tiscalinet.it> writes
>I would like to contact Dr.Mardsen in London for parkinson patient.Plese
>could someone let me know the address or telephone of this specialist in
>London.Thank you very much for help.Anna
>kasova at tiscalinet.it
I presume you are referring to C. David Marsden, who was the UK's leading
Parkinson's disease expert. Unfortunately he died about a year ago.

The leading neurological hospital in the UK is the National Hospital for
Nervous Diseases, Queen Square, London (where Marsden was the head of
neurology). You could try contacting them, although I don't know exactly
how you would go about getting a referral.
Nick Medford

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