Dizzyness and unsteadyness

Fredrik Müller frittem at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 29 16:55:40 EST 2000

I´m a 24 year old girl who has suffered from dizzy and-unsteadyness for
about 8 moths.
It can take expresions like a "increasing" puls, a wobblingsensation, like I
move along with every pulsbeat, rock along...it´s ha´rd to explain.
Other times I just feel a the ground under me rocks, moves!
I feel like I´m going to faint or fall over but I´ve never fallen or
fainted,  knock on wood.
I have a "pressure" in my ears.
I have it EVERY day more than 20 times a day. Almost all of the time.
I´ve taken bloodtest, checked my ears and eyes, even done a head-
Xray. No luck, nobody can find the source of the problem.
Can somebody please help me, I´m loosing it!

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