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Thu Jun 1 08:02:15 EST 2000

"--scottd" <scottd at doc.state.vt.us> writes:

> I hope someone can answer or point me in the right direction.  I am looking
> for information on the flicker of firelight.  At what rate or hertz or
> frequency is this light and does it change as a fire gets bigger????  I am
> interested in the make up of it.  Any ideas???

A steady flame doesn't flicker -- the flickering is caused by
turbulent air movements, which in turn depend pretty strongly on the
heat and size of the fire, presence of wind, etc.  Still, my guess
(just based on looking at fires) would be that the bulk of the power is
at frequencies below 10 Hz.

> I am not much in to new groups so can you please respond to my email
> address.

So let me get this straight: you want somebody to take the time to
read your question and then write a response to it, but you're not
willing to take the time to check the newsgroup for an answer?  Is
that what you're saying?

	-- Bill

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