John E. Anderson janderspy at worldspy.net
Sun Jun 4 23:17:36 EST 2000

Bill Skaggs wrote:
> "--scottd" <scottd at doc.state.vt.us> writes:
> > I am not much in to new groups so can you please respond to my email
> > address.
> So let me get this straight: you want somebody to take the time to
> read your question and then write a response to it, but you're not
> willing to take the time to check the newsgroup for an answer?  Is
> that what you're saying?

I don't understand this type of response.  How much time does it take
for you to send the message to the asker of the question AND post it to
the newsgroup.  If you don't care about the original post, then just
ignore it!  

A newsgroup, to many, is a place where expertise in a subject can be
found (whether there actually is any expertise in the newsgroup is
another issue ;-).  Because of this, people post messages asking their
questions of those whom they presume to be able to answer them.  (Why
the question about flame flicker frequency to a neuroscience newsgroup,
I don't know...) But they may not have the time -- or perhaps don't
remember -- to check the newsgroup for an answer every day, and since
newsgroup postings expire, they might miss it. (Of course they could go
to the archives...) And so they ask politely for responses to be emailed
to them.  I've done this (not in this newsgroup), and got a similar
response from someone.  Actually it was quite a bit ruder than the one
from Bill, which isn't even quite rude.

But my point I made in the first paragraph: How much trouble is it,

Now having written this, I can't believe I took the time to do it -- I
guess it's because of my experience in the other newsgroup -- but having
done it, I'm going to send it.

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