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http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Agora/7256/mind4th.html --
the AI at Home Project is a massive attack on the mysterious
nature of the mind and a campaign to get home-based programmers
everywhere involved in the further development of the
free public domain source code for artificial intelligence.
AI at Home is modeled after the SETI at Home Project, the
Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence being conducted
on thousands of home computers during idle moments of unused
computer capacity. In contrast, the AI at Home Project
takes advantage of unused human brain capacity to involve
amateur, or student, or professional programmers in the ever
more massively distributed quest for artificial intelligence.
Do you know (or exist as) a real hotshot programmer?
If so, run the AI at Home and take a look.

Forth is the lingua franca of AI, embedded NC and robotics.
For details on Mind.Forth and the public domain AI project,
see the ACM Sigplan Notices 33(12):25-31 (December 1998),
"Mind.Forth: Thoughts on Artificial Intelligence and Forth."

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