Working Memory

Christian Stapfer chstapfer at nospam.bluewin.ch
Wed Jun 14 11:31:49 EST 2000

Bill Skaggs wrote:
> There is a difference between "short term memory" and "working
> memory"; the two terms are not synonymous.

Agreed. But I hope you remember that the 'definition' of
working memory, taken from the Encyclopædia Britannica,
to which I objected, included the sentence:

> > > The labels short-term memory, primary memory, and
> > > working memory refer to the temporary storage of
> > > information that is necessary for the performance
> > > of many cognitive tasks.

So the collapsing of 'short-term memory' and 'working
memory' (not to speak of 'primary memory') is not due
to confusion on the matter on my part but due to the
fact that I tried to answer jst's posting.

Christian Stapfer

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