Medulla Oblongata

Kalman Rubinson kr4 at is2.nyu.edu
Mon Jun 26 09:27:48 EST 2000

Avery Boyce <aboyce00 at pacbell.net> wrote:
> Looking in my textbook (_Essentials of Neural Science and Behavior_ Kandel,
> Schwartz, Jessell) it seems that perhaps you are confusing the fact it is
> one of the seven main parts of the brain with the centers that are within
> the medulla.

>> I can only find Cardiac, Respriatory and Vasomotor.

> Quote the textbook:  "The medulla includes several centers responsible for
> such vital autonomic functions as digestion, breathing, and control of heart
> rate."

One problem is that the term "center" is quite vague.  Indeed, the medulla is
involved in those functions and others (vestibular, auditory, etc.).  Consequently,
one might synthesize a list of 7 centers.  Rather than concern yourself with
numerology(!), it would be more useful to learn the structures, pathways and
functions. (Spoken as a professor.)


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