Cerebellum stroke

Steve Thomas sthoma20 at ford.com
Mon Jun 26 17:29:31 EST 2000

  My father has been suffering progressive degeneration similar to 
your friend's for several years. It started as an equilibrium problem
and was a mystery to the people who examined him until after nearly 10
years, voids started showing up in the MRI scans. The degeneration
has eventually resulted in short term memory loss as well. 
  It would seem the causitive factors are unknown.
  Micro strokes have been suggested, but not diagnosed.  
  Human herpes virus 6 has been implicated in white matter disease
recently, but it is early days for this research.
  In our personal experience the aphasia is as frustrating as the 
locomotion problems, but this has taken a long time to develop. We have
received help from a neuroligist experienced with ALS, but of course
each set of circumstances is different. 

Marco de Innocentis wrote:
> Thanks, the reason I was asking is that I have a friend who
> is suffering from progressive - and unstoppable - cerebellum
> degeneration. So far she has lost some of her sense of
> equilibrium and has become rather hard of hearing. What is
> her "terminal state" going to be?
> The neurologists she has seen say there's nothing that can
> be done about it.
> Marco
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