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The idea of memory is closely related to several neurological
challenges such as the ADHD syndrome and the Epilepsy syndrome.  There
is some evidence that molecules like the caffeine molecule (in some
people, not all) or the dopamine molecule are linked to memory
improvement:  the ADHD syndrome.  Your memory question seems to me to
be very closely linked to some of the research done with the Epilepsy
syndrome (like some of the non-convulsive, subtle epilepsies known as
temporal lobe epilepsy, perhaps the right temporal lobe vs the left
temporal lobe).  You might consider posting to an epilepsy support
group as the question you pose seems to be quite close to some of the
symptoms associated with some of the many epilepsies (often, again, the
non-convulsive, subtle epilepsies vs the more familiar and dramatic
epilepsies depicted in plays by Shakespeare/Caesar at Rome and so on).

In article <395A0401.C353E12D at guest.arnes.si>,
  Jure Sah <jure.sah at guest.arnes.si> wrote:
> Does memory misplacement (short term to long term) result in the
> that things have happened before? If yes where can I get details on
> and if not then what does result in "the feeling that things have
> happened before"?
> Thank you.

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