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Brain problem: help

Robert A. Fink, M. D. rafink at ibm.net
Thu Mar 2 19:44:18 EST 2000

Marco de Innocentis <mdeinnocentis at hotmail.com> wrote:

>A friend of mine got married and moved in with her husband last
>October. Prior to that she had never been sick in her life, but
>soon afterwards she started having very strong headaches and
>tingling sensations in her legs, arms, and even in her face. She
>often felt very sick and threw up most of what she ate. At times
>she started saying things which didn't make any sense. Finally
>last week she collapsed and was brought to hospital. The doctors
>put her in intensive care and found that somehow her brain stem
>appeared to have swollen, but they had no idea why.
>The next day she almost died, but then her condition improved
>and a few days later they released her from hospital, although
>they're still doing tests on her. Now she appears ok, but her
>capacity to form new memories seems somehow to have been
>impaired. People go and visit her, and the next day she has no
>recollection of it. She will ask a question, then a few minutes
>later will ask it again, then again. She also has no memory of
>having been to the hospital, says it all seems like a "blur" to
>How could her brain stem have swollen or "grown", as the doctors
>put it? They say it might be some sort of virus. I don't want to
>sound paranoid, but could she have been poisoned?
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It's not unheard of (poisoning).  I would also be concerned about a
tumor in the brain stem.  I would hope that the medical care is being
handled at a good academic center, as the tests for poisoning are not
available everywhere.



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