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dizzyness, unsteadyness, dispare

hummerlady at my-deja.com hummerlady at my-deja.com
Wed Mar 15 11:19:49 EST 2000

Liza, your symptoms sound like Meniere's Disease. I should know--I
have it. There are other possibilities. No need to scare you. You
can email me and I will reply in detail. (medsites at lasercom.net) It
most likely is your inner ear (usually either left or right side
although at this point you may not realize it). You need to see a Ear,
Nose and Throat (ENT)doctor. Some neurologists can handle it too. It
took 5 years for me to be diagnosed. I had other neurological problems
mixed in with the Meniere's. Try the following website for links
www.vcnet.com/lmiller/Links.htm You can also go to
www.healthcentral.com or even www.yahoo.com and type in the search
window "meniere's disease" (without the quotes). There is plenty of
information on the net about inner ear problems. Don't dispare. I've
been through it all. You can try generic Meclizine for under $4.00 at
any drug store--don't worry, it's over the counter. Have a chat with
the pharmacist. They are very underused for their expertise. I wish
you well. Sincerely, Gloria Howey
In article <m77lfhi4f4.fsf at skaggs.bns.pitt.edu>,
Bill Skaggs <skaggs at bns.pitt.edu> wrote:
> "Fredrik Müller" <frittem at hotmail.com> writes:
> > I´m 24 years old.
> > I have for 8 moths had a stange and unexplained dizzyness and
> > I have it everyday, I have it walking, standing, sitting, laying. I
have it
> > several times a day, I should be varey glad if it goes one hole
hour between
> > the attacks....
> > It sort of feels like the earth is moving, wobbling, shaking, like
> > pushes me and almost makes me fall over!
> > I have NO pain, not anywhere. I have a "preasure" in my ears witch
wont go
> > away. I can feel shakey in my muscels in the morning and start
> > not much, just a little.
> > I have perfect eyesight, they can´t see anything in my ears, my
heart beats
> > well, the bloodtests are good so is the bloodpreasure. I´ve had a
CT done
> > and they ruled out the possibility of tumour or bleedings in the
brain, they
> > saw a perfectly healthy brain and body. I, howevere, feel like
shit. This
> > irruptes all my day. Can´t do my work, can´t function as a normal
person in
> > every day lifestyles. I´m panict everytime I get these feelings.
> > I have pain in my feet sometimes, I think it is because I try
> > to keep my balance. I feel like I´m going to fall, faint and so on,
but I
> > never had. This is not panic-attacs, no stress, no such things,
this is a
> > real problem with some medical explainasion I or any doctor can´t
seem to
> > find! Can somebody please help me.
> > My neck is sometimes very stiff, but the doctors say that it would
show in
> > so many other ways if it was from there the problem came.
> > Please somebody. Does anyone know anything to help me!!??
> > Liza
> Hmm. This could almost be an exam question! For most people,
> occasional dizziness is caused by low blood sugar or low blood
> pressure, but it sounds like those have been ruled out in your case.
> Also, these causes would show up much more strongly when you stand up
> than when you are sitting or lying down.
> It sounds to me more like a vestibular problem -- the vestibular
> system is responsible for the sense of balance. What you write about
> pressure in the ears is very interesting, because the vestibular
> system is actually located in the inner ears. I would think about an
> ear infection, or a throat infection, or something else that might
> affect the ears -- and the first thing I would do is visit an ear,
> nose, and throat specialist. Your ears may have been checked but I
> suspect they haven't been checked well enough.
> If that fails, you should suggest to your doctors that they consider
> the possibility of multiple sclerosis, which can manifest itself in
> many different ways, and is very often misdiagnosed in its early
> stages.
> Good luck,
> -- Bill

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