Cerebellum atrophy: please help

Marco de Innocentis mdeinnocentis at hotmail.com
Sun May 7 15:25:19 EST 2000

A friend of mine has been diagnosed with cerebellum atrophy. At the
age of 39 (she is now 54) she underwent an operation to remove an
hourglass-shaped neurinoma in the left C4 root, which had caused a
spastic tetraparesis. There has been very little improvement. Over
the past three years she has experienced frequent balance problems.
Exams performed by an ear-nose-throat specialist have revealed a
mixed bilateral hypoacusy. A CAT scan has ruled out problems with
acoustic nerves but found an initial CEREBELLUM ATROPHY instead,
which is most likely behind her balance problems. We don't know
whether the latter is of genetic origin or not, but we know it's a
degenerative disease which at times can progress quite fast.
She has been told that there is no cure. I would be very grateful
for any advice.


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