Coding AI for ultimate destination: Supercomputers

Arthur T. Murray uj797 at victoria.tc.ca
Thu May 11 19:44:38 EST 2000

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[X] 06may2000  http://www.geocities.com/mentifex/mind4th.html
Achieve proportionate transfers of activation of concepts.

Mind.Forth implementation:  Uses variable "bulge" passed from
the ACTIVATE module to the SPREADACT module.

[ ]
Let the thoughts of the AI itself do "reentry" at a lower level
of activation than user input obtains.  This guideline is based
on the idea that any thought generated as one link in a chain of
thought must leave a vestigial trace of itself weak enough to let
a dominant topic maintain its hold on the attention of the mind,
but strong enough that the chain does not die out and render the
AI "brain dead."

Mind.Forth implementation:  Use the on-or-off attention flag "attn"
to differentiate between high activation-levels decreed during human
input and low activation-levels imposed during reentry of AI ideas.

Forth is the lingua franca of AI, embedded NC and robotics.
For details on Mind.Forth and the public domain AI project,
see the ACM Sigplan Notices 33(12):25-31 (December 1998),
"Mind.Forth: Thoughts on Artificial Intelligence and Forth."

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