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Jure Sah jure.sah at guest.arnes.si
Thu May 11 08:50:47 EST 2000

Nick Medford wrote:

> >Spouse I plugged such a device to the neurons that lead into the eyeballs?
> >Or at least this: If I then scared one would the other jump up too?
> >
> I'm intrigued. How does one scare an eyeball?

Well since you are... :)
I just have to scare you and all your 'neuro terminals' will become a bit more
active for a little while.
Resulting in (as well) your eyeballs in apearing scared. :)

> Maybe with a particularly intimidating schoolteacher? I remember a few at
> my school who put the fear of God into the pupils.
> --
> Nick Medford

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