How does a neuron function?

Bubba cwhizard at icqmail.com
Sat May 20 02:59:10 EST 2000

I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get some decent information on
how neurons behave.  I am building an AI simulation and I have grown tired
of hardwired static Neural Nets.  I want to create a neural net that is
based on actual neurons.  I need to know how they store information, what
triggers new synaptic connections.  how the individual cell determines
whether a connection needs to be moved, reweighted, etc.  Please keep in
mind that I am intending on applying this information towards building a
realistic model of actual 'brains' of simple creatures.  So I dont need to
know the guts of how such and such a protein interacts with so and so.  I
only need to know how the relative concentrations of chemicals , and pulse
trains cause the single neuron to change its behavior.

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