In Awe of Genetic Medicine??? Some Things to Think About!!!

ATeasd5941 ateasd5941 at aol.com
Mon May 22 18:43:38 EST 2000

Those who stand in awe of genetic science will become
the first victims of it. (lets hope they have big bank balances)

See the headlines:-        

Mother of Crippled Child Successfully Sues Doctors for
 Failing to Read Results of Genetic Tests Correctly!
Parents Sue Hospital for Wrong Results.
autopsy Proves Genetic Tests Can Fail. 
Child Sues Hospital for failing to Detect Treatable Illness

For those who can't stand the pressure there will be............

Outcry from Women's Groups as Insurance Companies
put pressure on abortions.
Women's groups Protest over the Increasing Pressure on
Parents Who Refuse Genetic Testing
Disability Groups Lobby Parliament Over Compulsory
Pressure on NHS Psychological Services Increase With 
Rising Number of Genetic Tests.

Carol T

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