Electronic Vision Replacement

Michael Michael_nzl at hotmail.com
Tue May 23 13:36:12 EST 2000

"Bubba" <cwhizard at icqmail.com> wrote:
>A fe years ago I heard that several scientists where working on developing
>chips that could stimulate the human optic nerve and produce the perception
>of vision.  I was wondering what the state of this research is and if it
>reached medical viability.
The brain uses very small electrric charge and chemicals to 'communcate'
with the body. a electonice devices would be able to pick up then charges
and chemical changes. If we could use this there are many posibilities like
artificil limbs and organs. What maybe could be done in the future is a transmitter
connected to the brain the transmits to a super computer. (good way to cheat
in exams) When a person learns things it will be stored in the super computer
ready to be recalled.
If a program could be made to decode the information from brain you could
then use your eyes as a video camera.

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