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Arthur T. Murray uj797 at victoria.tc.ca
Thu May 25 12:36:40 EST 2000

Stanley Frady, lockery at yahoo.com, wrote on Wed, 24 May 2000:

> Hello,

> I am trying to find out info on the different types of
> sensors that I can put on my robot.  I have a hexapod II
> with a oopic as the micro controller.  I have an infrared
> sensor, but I would like to know about other kinds like
> heat, vision, touch, sonar, compass, and whatever else

Various sensory input channels are also needed for
http://www.geocities.com/mentifex/mind4th.html Robot AI.

Mind.Forth is almost ready for distribution as a "teaching AI"
with a tutorial mode among its human-computer interfaces (HCI).

Mind.Forth can already think, but it only knows what you tell it
verbally about things, as the AI accumulates a knowledge base (KB).

Even a simple sensory input channel would begin to give Mind.Forth
concrete knowledge of the linguistic concepts that it manipulates.
Therefore please post links in this thread to even the most exotic
sensory input devices that can be attached to a robot while feeding
data into an associative Forth memory array that integrates each new
robot sensory modality with the primitive brain of the Forthmind.

> people have thought of and tried.  I am also thinking about
> using the oopic I2C and network to another oopic.
> Does anyone [ know ] of any good I2C devices?

> I am also curious to what types of results other people
> have had with sensors.

> Thank you,
> Stan Frady

Forth is the lingua franca of AI, embedded NC and robotics.
For details on Mind.Forth and the public domain AI project,
see the ACM Sigplan Notices 33(12):25-31 (December 1998),
"Mind.Forth: Thoughts on Artificial Intelligence and Forth."

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