Music and IQ, let's try again

Dominique Larré Dominique.Larre at wanadoo.fr
Sun Oct 1 00:39:34 EST 2000

Hello Samuel, I think I have a part of responsibility in having drawn
the thread into tuning.

It's just that tuning is my obsession.


and many greetings on this Sunday morning.

Dominique Larré
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Samuel Vriezen a écrit dans le message
<39d68644.1831245 at news.xs4all.nl>...
:I find it interesting to see that a discussion of music and IQ can
:turn into a discussion about tuning. Surely the 'mathematical' aspect
:of musical intelligence isn't merely a question of acoustic law? Isn't
:that confusing (practical) musical intelligence with theory? Aren't we
:now discussing 'music theory and IQ'?
:A prelude by Johann Sebastian Bach performed by the guitarist, Lord
Baden Powell
:- Chr. J. van Geel

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