Brain reinforcement mechanisms

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> What is the localisation of brain reinforcement mechanisms?
> Dorota
Isn't there more than one aspect to the idea of brain reinforcement
mechanisms, that is, it depends on what item is so to speak
reinforced?  For example, if a person desires to be a millionaire,
isn't that one kind of mechanism being reinforced by a growing
investment portfolio/whatever?  If a person desires to say become a
religious leader to attain salvation, isn't that another kind of
reinforcement mechanism reinforced by a growing list of righteous
deeds/whatever?  If a person is starving and is looking for food, isn't
that another kind of mechanism, being reinforced by food and

It's my understanding that using a model of a neurological challenge
known as ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder - the mechanism of paying
attention involves a pathway which extends from the reticular formation
of the brain stem to the prefrontal cortex.  Areas between the
reticular formation and the prefrontal cortex include the VTA (ventral
tegmental area) and the Nucleus Accumbens (the ventral striatum).  The
overall system has been called the mesolimbic dopamine system.  The
previous sentences may be an oversimplification/a bit of an
oversimplification but it seems to me some of it is in the ballpark so
to speak vs the ballpark parking lot.  Aren't some aspects of the
thirst and hunger mechanisms linked to the hypothalamus, too?  So the
question you posed is a large one and it can involve many, many parts
of the human brain?

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