sam-e causes brain damage?

eric errock at rcn.com
Tue Oct 10 23:52:15 EST 2000

of course, you cant even compare the effects of intravenous injections to
oral administration,
never mind the discrepency in dosages,
however there is little info available as far as toxicty, most studies
involving humans rely on observations to judge side effects, by this method,
any subtle neurotoxicity would be missed.
I thought that maybe this information could be used to judge the potential
of normal doses of SAMe (200 -1600mg/day) could be neurotoxic.

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> > note the rigidity and dyspnoea following intravaneous admin.
> >
> > Reproductive toxicity studies of ademetionine.
> >
> at dosages of 0, 100, 200
> > and 400 mg/kg/d SAMe ion by subcutaneous or intravenous
> administration.
> Eric, please try to consider the doseage regime before you leap to
> conclusions. For a human of 70 kg body weight (154 lbs.), even the
> lowest treatment dose amounts to 7000 mg/day. IV administration also
> introduces an unknown variable, as oral dosing may affect the
> pharmacokinetic parameters. This study only shows that injecting the
> equivalent of perhaps 28000 mg/day of SAMe may have deleterious
> effects. That's not hard to imagine, is it?
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