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> As a footnote to the Physiology Nobel Prize announcements,
> I've annotated an image of a citation matrix I've had at my
> website for a couple of years:
> http://www.clark.net/~packer/sci.html
> The matrix is, in effect, a snapshot of neuroscience in the
> 1970s that shows how 1,052 highly-cited authors are clustered
> by the 16,432 authors who cited them.
> As of 1975, Carlsson and Greengard were highly cited -- by 207
> and 172 other authors, respectively. Kandel hadn't been cited
> at all...or did I miss some data? The way I compiled the data
> from the Science Citation Index was similar to the way a Web
> crawler works today.
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> http://www.clark.net/~whatnews

Your technique must be seriously flawed!  Certainly anyone familiar
with invertebrate neurobiology knows of the enormous contribution
of Kandel to molluscan neurophysiology.  The popularity of Aplysia
as an important preparation is largely due to Kandel's  efforts in
pursuing Tauc's earliest work.  And the significance of Aplysia in
understanding synaptic modulation goes all the way back to
     E.R. Kandel and L. Tauc, 1965, Mechanism of heterosynaptic
     facilitation in the giant cell of the abdominal ganglion ofAplysia
      depilans.  J. Physiol. 181:28-47.

Do you mean to say you couldn't find in the literature as of 1975 a
single one of the multitudinous references to this paper?

And try looking up any of the topics discussed in Kandel's
secondary publications like
          E.R. Kandel, 1976, Cellular Basis of Behavior:  An
          Introduction to Behavioral Neurobiology, Freeman
          E.R. Kandel, 1979, Behavioral Biology of Aplysia.

to see the major role of Aplysia (and Kandel's own work
in this area) to understanding behavior at the single cell level.

And that is just the old stuff!  There is still 25 more years of
work to review!

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