Human brain as a high temperature quantum computer

Ron Blue rcb5 at msn.com
Sat Oct 14 13:26:43 EST 2000

Stuart Hameroff reports that NMR imagining reveals results suggesting that
the human brain is a quantum computer (link at http://turn.to/ai).  Stuart
and Penrose believe that the water molecules and certain proteins in the
microtubues can be quantumly entangled.  The NMR image suggest these
global/local events are occurring in a high temperature brain.  The brain
using electrostatic fields, reciprocal excitatory/inhibition circuits,
wavelet interference,  Paul trap frequencies, and a wavelet stimulus input
would then perform as a simple quantum computer.  Jack Sarfatti has
calculated the natural Paul trap frequency for water to be 40 hertz.

This suggest that any solid state quantum computer using the above
procedures could be confirmed as one by using NMR imaging.

Ron Blue


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