Six-degrees-of Carlsson, Greengard, Kandel

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Richard Norman wrote:
>     E.R. Kandel and L. Tauc, 1965, Mechanism of heterosynaptic
>     facilitation in the giant cell of the abdominal ganglion ofAplysia
>      depilans.  J. Physiol. 181:28-47.
>Do you mean to say you couldn't find in the literature as of 1975 a
>single one of the multitudinous references to this paper?

You know, I recall now -- it was way back in 1977-78 when I
compiled the data -- that I decided at the time to ignore
highly-cited authors I encountered who would have led me off
into molecular physiology and away from the more "brainy"
stuff that was my real focus of interest. Kandel must have
been one of those; I certainly remember his name from that

I had to perform some kind of triage on the data, since I was
compiling it manually. The publishers of the Citation Index
wanted $10,000 for the data on tape and I didn't have the
academic credentials to apply for a grant.

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