Human brain as a high temperature quantum computer

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> Stuart Hameroff reports that NMR imagining reveals results suggesting that
> the human brain is a quantum computer (link at http://turn.to/ai).  Stuart
> and Penrose believe that the water molecules and certain proteins in the
> microtubues can be quantumly entangled.  The NMR image suggest these
> global/local events are occurring in a high temperature brain.  The brain
> using electrostatic fields, reciprocal excitatory/inhibition circuits,
> wavelet interference,  Paul trap frequencies, and a wavelet stimulus input
> would then perform as a simple quantum computer.  Jack Sarfatti has
> calculated the natural Paul trap frequency for water to be 40 hertz.
> This suggest that any solid state quantum computer using the above
> procedures could be confirmed as one by using NMR imaging.
> Ron Blue
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