My Religion? SCIENCE !

Mark Kinsler kinsler at frognet.net
Tue Oct 17 13:07:11 EST 2000

>Human cloning, which is going to give all of us eternal life here and
>now and is going to cure all diseases and allow all the organ

Well, I hope the organ transplants work, but I think eternal life will get
pretty old in a generation or three.  Death is an evolutionary tool that
aids the race as a whole.  

>Genetic manipulations, which are going to allow us, within 10 years
>time, to live 200 years and to provide food for all the children in the

Again, the latter is a lot more appetizing than the former.  Right now,
genetic manipulation has yet to yield a truly seedless watermelon.  

>Contraception, which makes it possible to have pleasure without
>reproduction !


>The absolute freedom of the Internet, which is a new religion (bringing
>together all human beings in virtual computer space ).

Why would the Internet be any more celestial than, say, a mimeograph
machine plus international mail delivery?  

>Nanotechnology, which is going to completely suppress work, whether
>industrial or agricultural.

Oh great.  More excuses to have to cut the grass.  

>The Internet and electronic books, which will eliminate schools and put
>in place a democratic computer technology while eliminating all the
>books and newspapers which are responsible for the deforestation and

Well, look at the record: schools were supposed to have been eliminated
and/or radically altered by the advent of the printing press, motion
pictures, the phonograph, radio, television, computers, and something
called the "teaching machine."  It didn't really happen.  


I like the old Irish blessing, myself: 

"May no new thing arise."

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