On the Upheaval in the Middle East

Collins, Kenneth KPCollins at ameshome.com
Wed Oct 18 14:56:44 EST 2000

you see?

it's =not= what that's involved that matters.

what matters is the degree to which folks are =familiar= with what's

when this or that is unfamiliar, it means that folks' nervous systems have
had relatively little opportunity to achieve TD E/I-minimization with
respect to it.

and, when that's the case, experiencing whatever it is can =only= result in
the simultaneous experience of increased TD E/I.

our nervous systems are not omniscient, so the 'evolutionary engineer' has
imbued our nervous systems with 'safety mechanisms' that act upon all
increases in relative TD E/I.

but, in the absence of understanding of how these 'safety mechanisms'
function, the "safety mechanisms'" functioning is blindly automated.

and when this absence of understanding is a shared condition of folks who
come up against stuff that's 'merely' unfamiliar, the automated reactivity
of their collective nervous systems 'pools' its 'strength', and blindly
automated savagery ensues in proportion to the number of nervous systems

this is what happened in the Middle East over the course of the past several

it's the sort of Tragedy that has recurred over and over again throughout
the course of History.

all so needlessly.

=all= the savagery that's occurred among Humans since the beginning resulted
from the 'simple' absence of understanding of how these 'safety mechanisms'
[in AoK: the TD E/I-minimization mechanisms; the 'supersystem configuration
mechanisms'] function.

that lack of understanding was eliminated with the 'publication' of the
'Automation of Knowing...' ms. [AoK].

so... i hope folks will receive the Gift of understanding and gather
together to transcend prejudice at last.

please do not delay any longer.

K. P. Collins


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