On the Upheaval in the Middle East

Collins, Kenneth KPCollins at ameshome.com
Thu Oct 19 00:16:59 EST 2000

see also, the behavioral differentials correlated with claims of talking to
unseen others before and after the invention of radio.

it's the True wonder of our nervous systems ['the brain'] that understanding
changes everything behavioral, including the propensity to 'burn folks at
the stake' 'simply' because they are 'different'.

no 'mystery'... understanding exists within modifications to the neural
circuitry, and modified neural circuitry enables modified behavior.

there is one 'fancy' thing, though... understanding how nervous systems
process information, existing within nervous systems, enables those nervous
systems to transcend prejudice.

and then, great things become possible, as a matter of fact.

k. p. collins


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