well... you know me and 'good byes'

Collins, Kenneth KPCollins at ameshome.com
Fri Oct 20 00:38:45 EST 2000

well... you know me and 'good byes'

'good byes' always 'rip my guts out'.

the 'leaving' is always something akin to a dam bursting... and there i am,
awash in the ensuing flood...

the flood of so much that's left unsaid... the flood of wanting so to say it
all, in one eternal breath.

i almost lost a finger tonight. i laughed... 'take them all. who needs

no blood or gore. just a smidgeon of extreme 'warning-learning' [AoK, Ap5].

me and a 'pinch point'... learning about one another.

but that's not what this msg is about [although i do want to convey the
degree to which i'm fighting to 'hold-on'].

this msg is to reiterate what i told a =Journalist= on 3 Oct 2000.

there was an article presenting a 'challenge'. i'd not the wherewithal to
address it completely. but i said it's got to be 'TD E/I-minimization'
because the proof that all possible calculation reduces to what i refer to
as TD E/I-minimization is right in the 'Automation of Knowing...' ms.

it is. see if you can find it.

back to the 'flood'...

...why it's so great within me just now is that it 'hurts' so much to've
Loved so much but to be 'feared' and 'hated'.

it's why i Love Jesus so much. it's a Manly Love, one that's founded in
kindred stuff... kindred stuff that Knows the withering requirements of
Loving 'despite it all'... kindred stuff that Knows the Wisdom and Worth of
Loving 'despite it all'.

'oh well.'

i might be back if i remain awash in-it.

anyway, "can't" explain, but tonight it seems particularly appropriate for
me to end with, "Adios".



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