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Mark Kinsler kinsler at frognet.net
Sat Oct 21 21:11:45 EST 2000

The Last Church <michael(spam)@thelastchurch.org> wrote:
>> Genetic manipulations, which are going to allow us, within
>10 years
>> time, to live 200 years
>This is already done.  If your rich enough you can get the
>shots that
>make live 2 - 300 years.  It was financed by the ultra rich
>and they
>are the only ones that will ever have it.

Gee.  I wonder how anyone knows if this works or not.  I suppose if Warren
Buffett doesn't die, we'll know then.  

>   Governments are always looking for ways to control the
>population and new ways to kill us.  Do you smoke?  Why are
>they still
>exporting this death to third world.

Most nations grow their own tobacco and smoke it.  I don't believe that
smoking was invented by international conspirators, and I don't consider
it either a big moral issue or anything that should be subject to
legislation of any sort.

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