Schizophrenia type II and the rise of the "modern" world

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All forms of schizophrenia are defined by some form of dissociation of
the psyche.
In schizophrenia type II,the dissociation and subsequent psyche
fragmentation is culturally induced,through an early inserted
distorsion of the psyche.This distorsion orginated when homo sapiens
discovered writing and started to abstract realities and feel them
the mediation of words,instead of feeling them with his instincts and
emotions (the "heart").

This distorsion is inserted into some psyche like a form of
informational virus which will reprogram the contaminated psyche into
a self-increasing dissociative mode.

What characterises schizophrenia type II is that psyche is fragmented
at an early age by conditioning.This conditioning establishes a
permanent intracranial war between different subsystems of the CNS.The
most well-known form of intracranial war is the intracranial war which
has been inserted into the psyche of monotheists.Monotheism is a
pathology because it is a direct cause of learned intracranial war.

Specifically,monotheism induces a state of continuous intracerebral
war between the ordinary hypothalamic impulses of Man and those
neuronal systems responsible of verbal sequential language.

This intracranial war is the source of the dissociation observed in
schizophrenia type II.

This form  of psychopathology was inaugurated more than 3300 years ago
with the totalitarian coercition of the egptian pharaoh Akhénaton
and,subsequently,spread in Europe through judeochristianism and,in the
Orient,through mahometantism.

Thus these religious ideologies are early distorters of the mind and
condition the emergence of schizophrenia type II in the Occident,the
the Middle-East,etc.

Schizophrenia type II is rare or absent in polytheistic societies but
can arise in cases of overpopulation,etc.

The most developped form of this schizophrenia appeared in the
protestant branch of Christianism,where all forms of human contacts
have been reduced to words and wordly mediated behaviours such as
abstract ideological systems(example:economism).

Thus protestantism has suppressed from reality an essential regulating
factor from the societies of hominidae:sociability and empathy.

Protestantism has also pathologised iconic representation of
reality,thus dissociating further from the realities of the real
world.In fact,the ideal of the Protestant is the robot,c'est à dire,a
hominidae which has been stripped of all his survival CNS systems
except those responsible
for verbal sequential language and monologic.

Schizophrenia type II differs from schizophrenia type I in the sense
that schizophrenics II are not distinguished at first glance,like in
the case of schizophrenics type I.Schizophrenics II have
elaborate,word mediated,defenses which they use in order to claim that
they are pathos
free.Interestingly,this aspect of their psychopathology has been one
of the origin of modern pseudo-rational thought!
However,when one investigates,a bit deeper,these fragmented persons
one rapidly discovers their intense state of dissociation,as compared
to ordinary pre-neolithic homo sapiens or as compared to
non-monotheists,especially those living in normal non-mass societies.

Schizophrenics II are characterised by the following symptoms:

1.Decreased level of sociability
2.Decreased level of empathy
3.High reactivity to dysphoric ideation
4.Low reactivity to gratification
5.Blunted affect,like negative schizophrenics
6.Inappropriate psychomotor activity when confronted with a fellow
human beeing.
7.Dissociative anxiety if mental stereotypes are challenged
10.Paranoid ideation
11.A compulsive-obsessional conviction to hold a truth
12.Abnormal behaviour towards the natural world(biosphere)
13.Acute mental stereotypes which increase with increased
14.Psychomotor agitation(a very prominent symptom in the USA)
15.Missionnary attitudes
16.Absence of normal contact responses when individuals are in visual
or sound contact
17.Absence of mutual touching and,notably,sociable or sexual oriented
touching or inappropriate behaviour when touched.

All these symptoms are a direct consequence of their learned
intracranial war and thus inner fragmentation.

Treatment of schizophrenia type II
Purpose of the treatment: elimination of intracranial conflicts.

The treatment of choice is to stimulate those processes which will
help the patient to defragment and,thus,eliminate the underlying
intracranial conflicts.


All Thought and emotional activators such as:

1.Gamma-hdroxybutyrate. This medicine is a sociability and empathy
2.New,atoxic,derivatives of methylenedioxyphenylisopropylamine.
3.Cogitatiogens such as psilocine,for example.
4.Oneirogens such as ketamine or salvinorin A,for example


All the therapeuthics above should be used,in alternation,to
defragment the fragmented schizophrenics II.

Defragmentation will be started by emotional stimulation of the
blunted affect followed by oneirotherapy with ketamine or/and

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