My Religion? SCIENCE !

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Sun Oct 22 03:35:29 EST 2000

>   How about if it takes a thousand Light Years to travel
to the nearest
> habitable system to find life like ours - would YOU like
to die on the way

     How about;
          Only the soul can travel faster than light, so
far.  Nothing travels
faster than the thinking mind. If I think about Mars I see
it.  Only the body
prevents total Emerson in the environment that is mars.  One
day that restriction
will be lifted..
   Science has to send a camera to the planet to see it.  I
can see it before light
can travel from it to earth.  With out the body I can travel
to any system in the
second it takes to think of it.  Can I one day imagine a new
system and be there
seconds after it's creation?
   Only the body prevents total Emerson in distant
environments.  One day that
restriction will be lifted.  Given a free pass to all the
things to see in space
would you want to hang around here and play ghost.
    Only the soul can travel faster that

   If there were no god and no soul the whole life system on
earth is a waist
of time, for it will all return to its root.  All life is
eternal or it is a waste of
time and energy.   Wasting energy is not logical nor is it
the way of nature.
God and the soul are vary real.  Remember we once could not
see the atom
or its power.  Still we can not see it but we see the
results of its actions. WE
know for sure things we can not see are there.
   The result of god is your body and soul.  You have only
to look into yourself
to see your spirit and the spirit of Christ.  Telepathy is
real.  Learn to use it.
You use it all the time already. You just don't recognize
it.  Know yourself
and you will recognize many things you do not see now.

In the mind of Christ,

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