Neural Coding

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> You're quite welcome.  And I have also asked students to dream up a way
> of connecting neurons to make a directional movement detector, regardless of
> whether or not real sensory systems use that coding style -- just to get
> them to
> realize that neurons do, indeed, process abstract information.  The texts
> are
> pretty much confined to what "actually is" -- not "what would be if only I
> were
> in charge"!

Yeah, i wish our text would even give information on what is.  There is
mostly information on how neurons interact, not how they code for those
interactions. (i.e. it says an action potential sends a signal, but that
is about it)  

I have been thinkgin about the question and i think that it is more up to
us to decide how we want to answer it, it is worth relatively little (only
a few points) i think he just wants to get us thinking a bit.  

Thanks again

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