My Religion? SCIENCE !

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Mon Oct 23 18:05:12 EST 2000

> Human cloning, which is going to give all of us eternal life here and
> now and is going to cure all diseases and allow all the organ
> transplants!
Your premise is not supported by the facts.  Human cloning will NOT "cure
all diseases" as you claim.  A genetic error that causes a babie to not form
an arm or a foot will be propogated to all cloned versions.  As for eternal
life, please provide evidence that cloning will give us eternal life.

> Genetic manipulations, which are going to allow us, within 10 years
> time, to live 200 years and to provide food for all the children in the
> world!

Presuming pesky little things such as wars, despots, global warming, floods,
droughts, hurricanes, earthquakes, and general stupidity doesn't get in the
way.  Of course NONE of those things will end simply because of genetic
manipulation therefore children are still going to be starving in ten years.

> Contraception, which makes it possible to have pleasure without
> reproduction !

Assuming of course christian fundamentalists don't stop this from happening.

> The absolute freedom of the Internet, which is a new religion (bringing
> together all human beings in virtual computer space ).

Assuming of course the NSA, Echelon, the FBI, the Counter-Terrorism task
force, and who only knows who else doesn't put the the kobosh on the free
internet as we know it today (which is already getting to be a lot less free
than it was four years ago).

> Nanotechnology, which is going to completely suppress work, whether
> industrial or agricultural.

There is not a shred of evidence that nanotechnology will do this ... or can
you provide scientific evidence to prove what you said?

> The Internet and electronic books, which will eliminate schools and put
> in place a democratic computer technology while eliminating all the
> books and newspapers which are responsible for the deforestation and
> pollution.

the above is so unbelievable uninformed I can't believe you actually sent it
out.  Might I recommend that you let your posts sit for an hour before you
send them out.  The internet and electronic books will NOT eliminate the
need for trained teachers.  Given that, school will NOT be eliminated.


I am completely unafraid of the future.  In fact, I welcome some of the
advances you mention.  Human cloning will eliminate the worst risks of
perform transplantation surgery.  Genetic Manipulations stand to get rid of
*some* diseases and in my opinion is going to pave the way for the next wave
of human evolution.


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