well... you know me and 'good byes'

Collins, Kenneth KPCollins at ameshome.com
Mon Oct 23 18:40:46 EST 2000

>>there was an article presenting a 'challenge'. i'd not the wherewithal to 
>>address it completely. but i said it's got to be 'TD E/I-minimization' 
>>because the proof that all possible calculation reduces to what i refer to

>>as TD E/I-minimization is right in the 'Automation of Knowing...' ms. 
>>it is. see if you can find it. 
there are very-many similar things in AoK. i didn't 'hide' anything. i just
wrote, expecting the opportunity to discuss everything in more detail at
some later date.
it's been 20 years.
how much later is 'later'?
k. p. collins
p. s. virtually every 'time' i post something here, i note that my entry
form 'hourglass-es", i assume, while a snapshot of what i'm writing is taken
by some not-too-stealthy others. kpc
p. p. s. semi-cryptic comment: 'no strings attached' applies both ways... by
me and to me. Truth is all that matters. kpc


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