Neural Coding

Chr. Wilms melvin at gmx.de
Tue Oct 24 03:19:53 EST 2000

mike <mike-anderson at nwu.edu> wrote:

> Yeah, i wish our text would even give information on what is.  There is
> mostly information on how neurons interact, not how they code for those
> interactions. (i.e. it says an action potential sends a signal, but that
> is about it)  

I found two very interesting books, which cover both mentioned aspects.

The biophysical encoding of information is covered superbly in:
"Biophysics of Computation" Christof Koch, Oxford (1999)

Very nice thought experiments to how different forms of "thinking",
integration and "behaviour" can be achieve can be found in:
"Vehicles - Experiments in Syntehetic Psychology" Valentino Braitenberg,
MIT Press

Latter is a very nice, short booklet, which I would definetively

all the best, Chris
Chr. Wilms (melvin at gmx.de)

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