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> Lets perform an experiment to see how well you travel
outside of your body.
Here is a lot simpler experiment and one you prove to
yourself.  I have a wrist watch laying here beside me.  It's
broken, but you

tell me what is on the face and what are the hands pointing
to.  You don't need to send me your answer.  I might cheat
you. Type

and save your answer............... I will send you a
picture of the watch and then after you see for yourself
,you tell me how you


  As for the out of body------- I have been dead,, Heart
attack,, 15 min.  I did not want to come back.  Even before
that I have on occasion left the body in a safe place and
gone across country... I have also had the dead stop off at
my place on the way out. But the only way for you to
understand is prove it to yourself. [ The Watch ]
    I could send someone from your city, to your park and
answer your question. Silly rabbit.  Trix are for kids. But
The watch? No trick possible and it will be you who take the
trip.  The Picture is ready to send...... Tell me where?


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