Neural Coding

Collins, Kenneth KPCollins at ameshome.com
Tue Oct 24 23:58:11 EST 2000

>>[...] Are these obsolete or are they just an integral part of the coding? 
no, they're just insufficient without establishing them within their actual
3-D milieu.
Also, i was led to believe that they are 2 different things, despite the 
similarity their name would imply. Is there a simple difference between 
the two?
there's nothing within the nervous system that does not occur as a function
of everything else that occurs in the nervous system.
it's folks, focusing on this-or-that, who artificially imbue this-or-that
with 'distinctness'.
i've tried to send you a copy of AoK. hope it reaches you, and if it does,
hope you find it worth your while.
if you can make a presentation opportunity possible, i'll do my best to make
it a good one.


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