On the Upheaval in the Middle East

Collins, Kenneth KPCollins at ameshome.com
Wed Oct 25 12:30:36 EST 2000

"Who feel the giant agony of the world,
And more, like slaves to poor humanity,
Labor for mortal good..."

>From Keat's "The Fall of Hyperion", as quoted at the beginning of Thirteen
Days, by Robert F. Kennedy, 1969.

While virtually all of my efforts to communicate with folks are 'blocked',
there's little that I can do, except to offer, once again, to meet with
folks in-person.

It has to be in-person because in-person is the only context in which all of
the individually-unique 'perceptions', prevarications and propensities for
'excuse-making' can be adequately addressed.

For my part, I reiterate my willingness to go as "Mr. X", so that those who,
for whatever reason, want me to remain 'unknown' can dispense with their
'fear' that casts, not me, but Innocents, into Savage Tragedy.

I place =no= limits upon what is Required of me.

I ask, only, that folks meet with me, in-person, to do what needs to be

Without further delay.

K. P. Collins


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