Neural Coding

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Some other good references in neural information coding:

[RIEKE97] F. Rieke, D. Warland, R. de Ruyter van Steveninck, W. Bialek 1997
SPIKES, Exploring the neural code The MIT Press,  Cambridge, Massachusetts.
( Excellent book, everything about coding sensory information in trains of
spikes )

[V.D.MALSBURG99] Ch. von der Malsburg, 1999 The What and Why of Binding : The
Modeler’s Perspective,  Neuron, Vol. 24, Sept. 1999, Pages : 95-104.
( Neural assemblies and visual information processing , coding with spikes in
neural assemblies)

[HERVE90]. Hervé, T., Dolmazon J.M., and Demongeot, J. 1990. Random field and
neural information. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 87, 806-810.
( Model of Auditory information coding in the auditory nerve, coding in
space-time )

mike a écrit :

> In article <3GtI5.2123$EA6.175282 at typhoon.mw.mediaone.net>, "Richard
> Norman" <rsnorman at mediaone.net> wrote:
> > I hope its a programming course because real neurons don't use neural
> > codes this way.
> It is a physiology class.  However, we were assigned to write a paper
> regarding how information is coded in the nervous system.  We came across
> papers that had information of the rate coding and temporal coding,
> etc...  but few gave concrete examples of how a singular piece of
> information was coded.  Is there a good source you could recommend for me
> to learn more?  As i said, our text does not cover the coding of
> information.
> Thanks for the reply
> -mike
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