Sodium amitol: truth serum?

Marco de Innocentis mdeinnocentis at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 26 13:16:48 EST 2000

The reason I asked is that there's a prisoner on death row in
Florida who claims to have been wrongly convicted and is looking
for something close to a non-bias lie detector test, in order to
be able to prove his innocence. If you have any information which
might be able to help him, please let me know.


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> > I'm looking for information on this drug, which apparently
> > has been described by some sources as a "100% effective truth
> > serum".
> > Thanks,
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> > Marco de Innocentis
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> And they have been described as "100% dumbasses."
> The drug is barbiturate no different than other barbiturates, so if
> believe you are truthful when you're sleepy, I have some swampland to
> sell you in Florida.
> By the way, the number of drugs law enforcement has used as "truth
> serum" through the years is amazing. Belladona extracts (atropine and
> scopolamine) were also described as "100% effective truth serum."


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