On the Upheaval in the Middle East

Collins, Kenneth KPCollins at ameshome.com
Thu Oct 26 14:51:33 EST 2000

I RETRACT the following:
>>For my part, I reiterate my willingness to go as "Mr. X", so that those
>>for whatever reason, want me to remain 'unknown' can dispense with their 
>>'fear' that casts, not me, but Innocents, into Savage Tragedy. 

For me to do such would be to co-operate in the 'denial' of Truth.

I realized today, that is something that I =cannot= do.

All I can do is Honor Truth and Choose to Love, despite it all.

other matter:

if folks call, please don't spend 'time' going in any direction except
getting directly and succinctly to your point. it's old long since that
folks've been calling, under this 'guise' or that, and then, when i hang
upon growing 'tired' of listening to them 'delay', =obviously= having the
fact that i 'hung up' on them turned against me without a word of their
'dancing around in circles', until, in 'frustration' with their 'dancing
around in circles', i did hang up, being breathed.

if you call, address me by my full name, so i know it's me you want to talk
to, and get to your point.

sad cheers, K. P. Collins


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