Neural Coding

Collins, Kenneth KPCollins at ameshome.com
Sat Oct 28 01:03:49 EST 2000

you see?

every ionic-conductance is a vector.

and the only 'coding' stuff that it's possible to describe consists in
describing the ionic-conductance vectors in 3-D.

because that's the substrate for all activation-dependent stuff... all
microscopic trophic modifications. [in AoK, 'biological mass'.]

it doesn't do to 'average' vectors, because, in doing so, one 'throws-out'
the impetus in which microscopic structure derives.

in other words, in taking 'averages', one 'throws-out' all 'coding'.

the same is True for 'timing'.

one 'throws-out' all 'coding' if one does not describe the 3-D correlations
of the criteria that are 'timed'.

A -> B is different from B -> A, and simply stating a 'time' that's related
to A and B doesn't maintain that difference.

to maintain the difference, the discussion must integrate the 3-D neural

within 'the nervous system', 'coding' is a 3-D thing.

sans 3-D there's no possibility of describing [or discussing] 'coding.

i wish not to be a 'curmudgeon' , and i hope you'll not be 'offended' that
i've responded to your post.

my responses are actually 'addressed' to all of Neuroscience [all of

it's just so frustrating that no one will allow me to discuss this stuff
[and the rest] at a chalkboard, where it merits discussion.

i'm Grateful for the opportunity to discuss because of your post.

ken [K. P. Collins]


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